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Die Völkerrechtsfreundlichkeit der liechtensteinischen Rechtsordnung: Zwischen Offenheit und Selbstbehauptung (Andreas Th. Müller)

The concept of «Völkerrechtsfreundlichkeit» (i.e. friendliness or openness towards international law) is not mentioned anywhere in the Liechtenstein legal order. It has, however, been ephemerally referred to by the courts and in legal academia, but without further justification so far. The analysis of Liechtenstein’s constitution reveals that it contains several elements that justify to qualify it as «völkerrechtsfreundlich», notably when compared to the constitutions of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. As a normative concept, it is relevant for the application and interpretation of Liechtenstein law, as is exemplified with respect to the principle of interpretation of national law in accordance with international law. This principle also applies to the Interpretation of constitutional law. Also the decisions of international courts and treaty bodies are to be considered in this regard. In interpreting international law for the purposes of harmonious interpretation of national law, the autochthonous interpretation rules of international law are to be applied.