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Entwicklungen und Tendenzen im Internationalen Erbrecht und die damit verbundenen Neuerungen im IPRG: Ein Überblick über die IPRG-Revision des 6. Kapitels (Barbara Graham-Siegenthaler & Philipp Eberhard)

The main purpose of the proposed revision of Chapter 6 of the Swiss Private International Law Act (Bundesgesetz über das Internationale Privatrecht, IPRG) has been and still is to contribute to an extensive coordination between the Swiss Law Act and the European Succession Regulation (No 650/2012). In this context, the current legal regulations regarding questions of jurisdiction and its coordination and concerning the testator's options need to be modified due to changes in the legal framework in the EU. The modifications now contained in the draft of the revised IPRG, and as discussed in this article, take account of the changed circumstances as well as the corresponding legal frameworks with which testators and heirs are currently confronted.