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The «Macolin Convention» against Competition
Manipulation: Promises, Achievements and Pitfalls

Madalina Diaconu

Gangrening sport for more than two thousand years, competition manipulation is one of the most import
threats to the integrity (and the future) of sport. Because of its covert nature, of its growing importance and of its cross-border effects, it is a phenomenon which can only be tackled through a global, coordinated, and decisive approach. Recently, an international convention was adopted and entered into force, with the sole objective of specifically combating match-fixing in an unprecedented manner, all over the world. This Convention, which was adopted in Macolin/Magglingen (CH) and entered into force in 2019, is presented hereinafter, both from the perspective of its high potential to fight against competition manipulation, notably through the criminalization of this behaviour at domestic level, and of its setbacks, particularly the slow pace of signatures and ratifications by key States.